Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't see your question here please feel free to contact us on: 0800 043 7671 or use our contact page.

01. Will I be able to join a competent persons 'Part P' scheme after I complete my training?

In order to join a competent persons scheme (NICEIC, NAPIT etc) and be able to self-certify your own work you will need to demonstrate your ability to work safely and comply with all of the relevant Building and Wiring Regulations. The qualifications we offer are evidence of your knowledge and ability but it will be down to you to demonstrate your competency through experience.

03. Why can't I take my exams at home?

City & Guilds / EAL exams have to be taken under supervised conditions. Which means, invigilation at one of our UK partner's registered exam centres.

05. How do I enrol and how does your online training work?

To register, just complete the secure online registration form (click here). You will then get access to the student area where you can select and pay for your required training option.

07. Is tutor support available?

Yes, you'll get your tutor's private phone number and contact details when you start your training. Please feel free to phone, email or text seven days per week. All we ask is that you don't phone at unreasonable hours (i.e. after 9.00 pm)

02. How often do courses run?

We run a continuous 'rolling' service which means you can enrol anytime 24/7 and start your online training immediately. There is a limit on the number of online students we can accommodate at any one time, so every so often it may say course full when you try to enrol.

04. Where would my exam or any classroom training be held?

Any classroom training required, such as the Initial Verification and any exams are held at one of our many UK partner centres. In England we cover from Cornwall to Carlisle. Plus many additional venues are available in Scotland and Wales if needed.

06. What books will I need?

Books are not supplied with your training. To complete your (Part P / Building Regulations) course and exam you will need a copy of The Electricians Guide to the Building Regulations. For Inspection and Testing training you will require a copy of Guidance Note 3 - Click here to order books from Amazon

08. How do I pay for my training?

Payments for your training are made online and are processed by Paypal which means they are totally safe, secure and fast. NOTE: You do not need a Paypal account 'just select the checkout as guest option' with all major debit or credit cards accepted.

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